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You know the saying: “there’s an app for that”, right?

It seems the same thing is true for podcasts today 🤷🏻‍♀️

Honestly, I was quite surprised when I first discovered hospitality podcasts a while back…

But in recent months there have been a few that taught me a lot 🤓

Since the internet is such a vast space, I knew there had to be more podcasts out there than I knew about. So, I asked around on LinkedIn and did some research.

When I first compiled this list, I came up with a list of 33 shows.

Now, we’re up to 83 hospitality podcasts 🤯

Is your mind also blown that there are so many amazing shows about our industry out there?

Browse the list below, pick one and give it a listen! Countless expert ideas and actionable insights await.

Top Hospitality Podcasts 

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

Skift Podcast

Boost Hospitality Marketing Podcast

Hospitality Digital Marketing Podcast

TravelPulse Podcast

Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast


Hospitality, M.D.

The Hospitality Spirit

The Open Pantry Podcast

Hospitality Live with Rupesh

Revenue HACKS

Real Hospitality TV

Marketing in the Morning

Hospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting

The Hospitality Mavericks Podcast

Proven Principles Podcast

Unconstrained Conversations

The Luxury Travel Marketer

The MOD Report

All in the Industry

 SHR Soundbites 

Hospitality Meets… with Phil Street

Checking In with Anthony & Glenn

Hotel Design Podcast

Funnel TV

The Partner Series

Hotel Cast

Travel Market Life

Let’s Talk Tourism

Smack Hospitality Cast

The Room Block


The Conversation

Edwards & Finn Ltd.

Your Next Generation Hotel

Don’t Look Under the Bed

Hospitality Daily

Wilka Leadership Talks

Umi and a Cup of Tea

Friday Night Audit

Schulering Hub: Talking Hospitality

On Air with Russel of Hotels

CLIC Connect

No Show

The Modern Hotelier

Recruiting in Hospitality

Get Great Guest Reviews

Hospitality Leaders

Future Hospitality

The Innovative Hotelier

Unpacking Travel

Top Floor

Defining Hospitality

Suite Spot

The Hotel Marketing Show

Photographs & Memories

Desert Island Events

Inspiring Women in Hospitality

Food & Beverage Industry Podcasts

Restaurant Unstoppable

The Food Talks


The Garnish

Secret Sauce

Why Food?

The Line

Feast Yr Ears 

In the Sauce 

Tech Bites 

 Kitchen Therapy with Glenn and Tobie

The Main Course

Restaurant Growth Podcast

International hospitality podcasts

German hospitality podcasts

So Geht Hotel Heute

Hotel-O-Motion on Air

Gastfreundschaft Leben


…und Sven!

Marketing Buffet

Spanish hospitality podcasts

Hospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting

Experto en Hoteles

Hospidalidad Emprendedora

Portuguese hospitality podcast

Hotel Cast

Top Hospitality Podcasts

No Vacancy podcast logo

No Vacancy with Glenn Haussman

On No Vacancy, Glenn Haussman regularly interviews decision-makers in the hospitality industry. Whether it’s VPs and CEOs of major hotel brands or today’s top tech innovators, they’ve been Glenn’s guests. Tune in to peek behind the scenes of the hospitality industry and learn directly from the most seasoned experts.

Fuel hotel marketing podcast logoFuel Hotel Marketing Podcast

On the Fuel Hotel Marketing Podcast, Stuart Butler, COO of Fuel Travel, and his team of industry experts have weekly discussions on the latest shiny new things in the world of hospitality and events. Listen in for actionable tips and tactics you can implement to step up your distribution game, get more people to hit ‘BOOK NOW’ on your site and reduce your reliance on OTAs. Got a concrete question? Submit it to Stuart and his team.

Skift podcast logoSkift Podcast

Skift, one of today’s top hospitality industry publications hosts a weekly podcast where they interview creatives, executives, and entrepreneurs from across the travel industry. Together, they discuss the how and why of travelers’ habits, industry patterns and the massive changes happening right now.

The Boostly podcast IogoBoost Hospitality Marketing Podcast

Mark Simpson, the founder of Boostly, has been hosting the Boost Hospitality Podcast for eight seasons and counting. Yet he still finds new and exciting topics to discuss with his guests. Check out his show for the best tips, tactics and tools to increase direct bookings and overall revenue at your hotel.

Hospitality Digital Marketing Podcast Logo

Hospitality Digital Marketing Podcast

Hosted by Loren Gray, the Hospitality Digital Marketing Podcast is supported by the HSMAI (Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International) Digital Marketing Council. Every week, Loren examines digital marketing tools and strategies specifically from the hospitality industry’s perspective and highlights ways hoteliers can embrace new solutions to make their lives easier.

Travel Pulse podcast logoTravelPulse Podcast

The TravelPulse Podcast covers everything from travel news and industry trends to policy changes and how-to tips. Tune once a week, for the latest insights from TravelPulse’s executive editor and podcast host Eric Bowman and his expert guests.

Slick Talk Principles Hospitality podcast logo Slick Talk: The Hospitality Podcast

In his weekly episode of Slick Talk, Wil Slickers brings in experts from every area of hospitality. Whether it’s about hotel or resort management, innovative restaurant concepts, the newest in hospitality tech or optimizing your distribution strategy, you’ll get the latest expert input here.

Tech Talk Travel podcast logoTechtalk.travel

Keep current with the latest news in hospitality tech and other industry trends with the techtalk.travel podcast. The hosts interview founders of today’s fastest-growing hotel tech companies as well as experts in areas as diverse as biometrics, AI and augmented reality. Get insights from today’s top thought leaders to keep your business ahead of the game.

Hospitality MD podcast logoHospitality, M.D.

Every week co-hosts Greg Fregoso, Kyle Allison and Tom Groebe sit down to discuss what’s new and important in the service world. Their guests come from every domain of the hospitality industry as well as other lines of business that regularly intersect with hotels. Check out Hospitality, M.D. for insightful updates on management, recruiting, operations and so much more.

The trio has also started a new weekly show, The PM Shift. In this live stream, they go over  more current topics and invite listeners to join the conversation.

Spirit of Hospitality podcast logoThe Hospitality Spirit

The Hospitality Spirit podcast features a cross-section of industry veterans who discuss their personal experiences, insights, industry trends and advice for those looking to make a career in hospitality. The host, Nicholas Thomas is an associate professor and director of the School of Hospitality Leadership at DePaul University’s Driehaus College of Business in Chicago.

The Open Pantry podcast logoThe Open Pantry Podcast

Open Pantry Consulting hosts a weekly podcast where Shaun de Vries interviews the world’s leading hospitality professionals. Topics on the Open Pantry Podcast include industry changes, tech innovations, trends and personal insights into the latest goings-on.

Hospitality Live with Rupesh Podcast Logo

Hospitality Live with Rupesh

Every week, Rupesh Patel invites the very best in their field on his show Hospitality Live on LinkedIn. They discuss a broad range of topics from hospitality sales and marketing to leadership, revenue management and overall trends in the industry. Tune in for some inspiration on how to take your property to the next level.

Revenue Hacks logoRevenue HACKS

Every week, RaizUp holds its Revenue HACKS live event on LinkedIn. Join live or watch the recordings to get the latest ideas on how to increase revenue, boost direct bookings and address the newest challenges revenue managers face today.

RH Live Podcast LogoReal Hospitality TV

Twice a week Chef Jason J. McBride hosts his live show Real Hospitality TV and welcomes some of the industry’s top minds for interviews and panel discussions. They talk about everything from tech innovations and changes in the distribution landscape to management, leadership and sustainability

Marketing in the morning podcast logoMarketing in the Morning

Listen in for a bite-sized episode on hotel marketing every week hosted by netaffinity. Their clear and easy-to-implement tips will help you refine your marketing strategy. Your weekly dose of Marketing in the Morning will ensure you’re always up to date on the latest trends.

Torres Hospitality podcast logoHospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting

In his weekly episodes of the Hospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting Pablo Torres invites hospitality industry professionals (including me 😊) to tell their personal stories. They also share actionable advice for hoteliers in areas including marketing, finance, leadership, operations and many more.

Hospitality Mavericks podcast logoThe Hospitality Mavericks Podcast

The Hospitality Mavericks Podcast’s mission is to support entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry who want to create a business that both guests and staff love, support and enjoy coming back to. Check out host Michael Tingsager’s conversations with industry leaders who share invaluable insights.

The Proven Principles podcast logoProven Principles Podcast

In the Proven Principles Podcast host Adam Knight and his guests break down the inner workings of the hospitality industry. They highlight proven techniques and tools to upgrade operations and a hotel’s performance so you can achieve your business goals.

I had the honor of being on episode #109. There, Adam and I discussed why it’s important to find your story and how to best go about it. Check it out here.

Unconstrained Conversations Podcast LogoUnconstrained Conversations

In Unconstrained Conversations, revenue management expert Klaus Kohlmayr discusses everything from revenue management to total profit optimization with established industry experts. Join Klaus and his guests for real-world stories, advice and creative ideas for your own revenue management approach.

The Luxury Travel Marker logoThe Luxury Travel Marketer

In the Luxury Travel Marketer, David Nickel of Jadewolf Marketing discusses topics related to marketing for luxury hospitality businesses. Stop by here to learn about everything from luxury branding, mistakes to avoid, lead generation and more.

MOD Report Podcast LogoThe MOD Report

In his podcast The MOD Report, Dr. Ryan Giffen and his guests shine a light on all the crazy and uncommon things hospitality professionals see on a day-to-day basis. Tune in for some expert insights on current topics with a focus on leadership and optimizing your organization.

All in the Industry Podcast LogoAll in the Industry

Shari Bayer hosts the weekly All in the Industry podcast where she invites hospitality’s behind-the-scenes heroes. They share their story and expertise on a variety of topics from management and marketing to food safety and Shari completes every episode with a PR pro tip. Finally, the current guest has the last word when they get to ask the next guest a question – such a cool and unique idea!

SHR Soundbites Podcast LogoSHR Soundbites

In his 5-10-minute episodes, host Jason Emanis shares bite-sized tips, tricks and expert advice on leveraging technology to boost revenue and profitability at your property. Especially if you’re an ever-busy hotelier, tune in to SHR Soundbites for these quick drops of wisdom from industry experts.

Hospitality meets Phil Street Podcast Logo

Hospitality Meets…with Phil Street

In his weekly show Hospitality Meets…, Phil Street welcomes people from all kinds of backgrounds in the hospitality industry. Tune in for fun and engaging talks about hotel careers, the latest trends and developments and some surprising or unconventional career paths. Inspiration and a few good laughs are guaranteed.

Checking in with Anthony and Glenn podcast logoChecking In with Anthony & Glenn

Anthony Melchiorri from the Travel Channel and Glenn Haussman (yes, Glenn again) share the mic with industry leaders in hotel design and the culinary world. Their discussions on Checking In are meant to empower everyone in the hospitality industry to take charge of their business, career and life.

Hotel Design podcast logoHotel Design Podcast

Another audio show by Glenn Haussman, the Hotel Design Podcast is for you, if you want to know why and how certain brands look and feel the way they do. Find out from top interior designers, architects and other creative minds what’s behind their best work and how it’s impacted the industry as a whole.

Funnel TV logoFunnel TV

Funnel TV runs on the Travel Tech Channel. It’s less of a podcast than a weekly live stream where industry experts share their stories, experience and knowledge. Check out their library or tune in live for deep insights into hotel tech, distribution, marketing and other topics impacting the hospitality industry.

The Partner Series logoThe Partner Series

Every week, netaffinity’s Niall Lenihan sits down with a different partner. They discuss how the various businesses support hoteliers, how they’ve reacted to COVID-19 and what the future may hold. Check out the Partner Series to find out about cool new tech solutions and services that can give your hotel an edge.

Hotel Cast podcast logoHotel Cast

The Hotel Cast by Asksuite is a new hospitality podcast and host Paula Carreirão has already had some high-profile guests. Topics include taking a closer look at hotel tech innovations, leadership, recruitment and many more.

Travel Market Life podcast logoTravel Market Life

A new addition to the realm of hospitality podcasts, Travel Market Life already has an impressive library of episodes. Ryan Haynes and his guests cover everything from guest journey digitization and bots to conversational marketing and post-Covid risk management.

Let's Talk Tourism Podcast Logo

Let’s Talk Tourism

Every Friday morning a new episode of the Let’s Talk Tourism podcast goes live. Join hosts and hospitality industry experts Katie Hokin and Gabby Daniels when they interview key industry players to offer deep dives into current topics.

Smack Hospitality Podcast Logo

Smack Hospitality Cast

Philip Ibrahim, Patrizia Zueck, Fritz Dickamp and Florian Montag take turns hosting the Smack Hospitality Cast which just recently aired the first few episodes of its second season. The team’s goal is to share informative episodes about the latest developments and trends in the hospitality industry all while keeping things light, fun and engaging.

The Room Block Podcast Logo

The Room Block

Since starting the Room Block podcast in summer 2020, Jen Salerno has interviewed several experts in the hospitality and events industry. Guests share their perspectives, challenges, stories and inspirations to encourage listeners to gain a better understanding of their partners and achieve greater results together.

ShandeeLand Podcast logo


In her recently-launched show ShandeeLand, Shandee Chernow explores food allergies, business, and life’s special moments. Her guests include chefs, restaurant professionals and allergy experts. Together they look at ways of providing safe, engaging and memorable experiences in a world where more and more people live with dietary restrictions.

The Conversation Podcast Logo

The Conversation

In his new hospitality podcast the Conversation, Jonathan Humphries interviews some of the industry’s top minds. Johnathan and his guests dive into topics such as leadership, best practices, crisis management, mental wellbeing, resilience and so much more.

Edwards & Finn podcast logo

Edwards & Finn Ltd.

Edwards & Finn Ltd. host a revenue management-related show that takes a variety of formats. Whether you’re interested in hearing what leaders in the domain have to say on the latest trends or you want to learn how to get to the next step in your career, tune in to their interviews and panel discussions.

Your next generation hotel podcast logoYour Next Generation Hotel

In Your Next Generation Hotel, host and hospitality-tech innovator Mark Abraham takes guests inside the world of hospitality. Every episode features industry guests including hotel managers, industry leaders, lecturers and those driving innovation within hospitality.

Don't Look Under the Bed - Hospitality PodcastsDon’t Look Under the Bed

Co-hosts Robin Moncrieffe and Niki Wade started the Don’t Look Under the Bed podcast during the pandemic to spread a message of hope and optimism with others in the industry. Tune in to hear industry veterans share their life stories, insights and knowledge. 

Hospitality Daily Podcast iconHospitality Daily

Every day, host Josiah Mackenzie shares a short blurb from industry leaders about everything from leadership and sustainability to successful partnerships. Tune in to Hospitality Daily for your regular dose of hospitality wisdom.

Wilka Leadership Talks Podcast IconWilka Leadership Talks

In her show Wilka Leadership Talks, Wilka Nascimento invites industry experts with diverse to share their stories and offer inspiration to listeners who want to get ahead and develop their own story.

UMI and a Cup of Tea Podcast iconUmi and a Cup of Tea

Brew up a cuppa (or your favorite drink) and settle in for Umi and a Cup of Tea. In this podcast the experts at Umi bring you musings and insights across all things technology, travel, hotels, marketing and more.

Friday Night Audit podcast iconFriday Night Audit

Finding that they missed the atmosphere of post-trade show bar hang-outs, Glenn Haussman and Craig Sullivan started the weekly Friday Night Audit show. Now they meet every Friday for cocktail and a chat about various hospitality-related topics.

Schulering Hub Podcast IconSchulering Hub: Talking Hospitality

The Talking Hospitality podcast is part of the Schulering Hub, a platform that aims to connect hospitality professionals through learning. In this show, founder and host Mauricio Schuler raises awareness of the people, services and technology supporting the independent hotelier.

Mauricio has been kind enough to have me on the show to discuss how great content and copywriting can give your business a boost. Check it out!

On Air with Russel of Hotels podcast iconOn Air with Russell of Hotels

In his show On Air with Russel of Hotels, host Russel L. Edmond invites his guests to talk about everything hospitality – from hotels themselves to influencers and everything in between. Each guest brings a host of experience, an engaging story and valuable insights, so tune in!

CLIC Connect Podcast icon[CLIC] Connect

[CLIC] Connect by Craig Sullivan focuses on the California hotel market and brings thought leaders in California hospitality together for insightful conversations. The discussions on this show cover a broad range of topics such as hotels, F&B, hotel development, sports and entertainment venues, travel, and tourism.

No Show Podcast Icon

No Show

No Show touches on all things related to the hospitality business: hotels, tourism, the travel industry, conferences and a lot more. Hosts Jeff Borman and Matt Brown share their fascination with the intersection of design, architecture, place, emotion, and memory and how it’s all supported by a massive service and business infrastructure just underneath the surface.

The Modern Hotelier Podcast Icon

The Modern Hotelier

In The Modern Hotelier David Millili and Steve Carran, welcome a great variety of hotel executives and other industry experts to discuss topics such as hotel tech, trends, innovation, and productivity. The goal is to explore new trends and developments to embrace new solutions and advance our industry.

Recruiting in Hospitality Podcast Icon

Recruiting in Hospitality

In this show, Caterer.com invites top guests from the world of hospitality to discuss current issues affecting employers. They talk recruitment, development and retention as well as matters concerning leaders and their teams. Especially given today’s staff shortages, this show offers valuable insights.

Get Great Guest Reviews Podcast IconGet Great Guest Reviews

Want more five-star reviews for your hotel? Adele Gutman shared the tips, tricks and tools you need to achieve this goal in her podcast Get Great Guest Reviews. Tune in for her chats with experts on everything related to improving the guest experience, gathering reviews and using them to promote your hospitality business.

Hospitality Leaders Podcast Icon
Hospitality Leaders

On the Hospitality Leaders podcast, host Chris Cano brings you insightful conversations with the greats from the hospitality, food service and event industries. Stop by to catch topics such as creativity, company culture, logistics and many more.

Future of Hospitality Podcast IconFuture Hospitality

Future Hospitality is dedicated to sharing the best ideas, insights, inspiration, and innovations from the brightest minds in our industry. Join hosts Dustin Meyers and Jeremy Wells as they welcome inspiring guests and share captivating stories and new ideas.

Innovative Hotelier Podcast Icon
The Innovative Hotelier
Join the Innovative Hotelier Podcast for in-depth discussions with leading hospitality professionals covering the latest developments, innovations and best practices in the hospitality industry. As the owner of a B&B who has also worked for some of the industry’s top brands, host Robin Trimingham always know what to ask.

Unpacking Travel Podcast icon
Unpacking Travel

On the Unpacking Travel podcast, you can listen in on conversations with hospitality executives, hoteliers, travel agents and everyone in between to unpack the forces behind the changing traveler’s journey. From business and leisure travel trends to hotel management strategies, this show blends industry data with expert perspectives to guide the hospitality industry in this ever-evolving time.

Top Floor Podcast Icon
Top Floor

Top Floor explores the future of hospitality in conversations with guests from every corner of the industry. Host Susan Barry brings her own extensive industry knowledge to the table which adds an extra layer of depth and fun surprises to her interviews with creators, thought leaders and hospitality groundbreakers.

Defining Hospitality Podcast Icon
Defining Hospitality

How do you define hospitality? Even after 30 years in the industry, host Dan Ryan is still fascinated by this question. Join him for Defining Hospitality, the weekly podcast where he invites industry thought leaders to discuss what hospitality means to them – in the built environment, in business, and in our daily lives.

Suite Spot Podcast Icon
Suite Spot

Twice a month, Suite Spot, the hotel marketing podcast by Travel Media Group, zeroes in on a marketing-related topic relevant to hoteliers today. Tune in to hear host Ryan Embree discuss trends in social media, online reviews, and how travelers search for hotels online today to stay on top of industry trends and keep up with the competition.

Hotel Marketing Show Podcast Icon
The Hotel Marketing Show

As the name suggests, The Hotel Marketing Show is the podcast about all things hotel marketing. Here, host Victoria Sweeney welcomes industry-leading experts who share insights, tips to improve your hotel’s website and real examples from real hotels, so can achieve your marketing goals.

Photographs and Memories Podcast Icon
Photographs & Memories

Created by Atomize and Travel Market Life, the Photographs & Memories series aims to bring the focus back to the human connections and interactions at our industry’s core. Listen as host Michael McCartan invites guests to tell their favorite stories and share their most memorable moments.

Desert Islands Events Podcast Icon
Desert Island Events

Get inspiration for your next event with the Desert Island Events podcast. Here, host and industry expert Narmeen Kamran speaks with event professionals and icons about their dream event, no holds barred.

Inspiring Women in Hospitality - icon
Inspiring Women in Hospitality

In this show, Naureen Ahmed shares stories of inspiring women from the hospitality industry: Why they got into hospitality, their career journey so far, their learnings and who inspires them. Tune in for your dose of inspiration and to hear about the many paths that are possible in our industry. 

Food & Beverage Industry Podcasts

Having spent a lot of my hospitality career in F&B, it only felt right to dedicate a section to my favorite branch of the hospitality industry. Browse below for some of the best podcasts about the food and restaurant industry.

Restaurant Unstoppable podcast logoRestaurant Unstoppable 

Eric Cacciatore hosts one of the most established restaurant podcasts, Restaurant Unstoppable. With over 750 episodes and countless high-profile guests, he’s discussed pretty much every topic you could imagine. Listen now to learn from the world’s most successful restaurants and up your own game.

The Food Talks restaurant podcast logoThe Food Talks

Sarit Packer and Itamar Srulovich host the weekly Food Talk show live in their food store Honey & Spice in London. They release the recording of their interviews as a podcast. Guests include everyone who’s part of the food & beverage industry. This includes chefs and waiters, food critics, teachers and many more walks of life. Tune in for some inspiring stories around food and how it has impacted people’s lives and careers.

Fully Comp podcast logo


Every Tuesday and Friday FULL COMP airs a new episode exploring the past and future of the hospitality industry. Michelin-rated restaurateur Josh Kopel hosts both hospitality professionals and thought leaders from outside of the industry, to provide listeners with actionable advice, tools and answers to the tough questions needed to thrive post-pandemic.

The Garnish restaurant podcast logoThe Garnish

The self-styled ‘podcast for restaurant people’ collects advice, anecdotes and actionable ideas from everyone in the F&B industry. Guests on the Garnish include restaurant managers, chefs and servers who share unique stories about life in the biz, challenges and opportunities.

Secret Sauce restaurant podcast logoSecret Sauce

This restaurant marketing podcast covers all topics relevant to getting the word out about your restaurant. Whether you run an independent business or have several outlets in your hotel, the ideas shared on the Secret Sauce will help you take your restaurant marketing up a notch.

Why Food? podcast logoWhy Food?

Why Food? is the show for hospitality and F&B entrepreneurs and those who are still dreaming about embarking on this journey. Browse the vast episode library and get inspired by people who have taken a successful leap into starting their own business in the food industry.

The Line Podcast Logo

The Line

If you want to pursue a career as a chef or simply want to learn more about the people who work behind the scenes preparing delicious treats in restaurants, tune in to The Line. Every week, Eli Sussman interviews chefs about their childhood, their first steps in the industry and what led them to where they are in today.

Feast Yr Ears podcast logo

Feast Yr Ears

In his weekly episode of the Feast Yr Ears podcast, Harry Rosenblum looks at food through the lens of storytelling. His guests are both industry insiders and outsiders who share how their life experiences have shaped what they eat and cook. Dive in to learn more about the relationship between human experiences and the food we eat.

In the Sauce Podcast Logo

In the Sauce

If you’re looking at creating a consumer brand in the food and beverage sector, In the Sauce is for you. Alison Cayne, the host and founder of Haven’s Kitchen Sauces outlines her journey of starting and building her company and the brand – perfect inspiration for the budding and searching entrepreneur.

Tech Bites Podcast Logo

Tech Bites

How is the quickly evolving technology industry impacting how we grow, share and discover food? Do the food revolution and the start-up generation go together or is there a conflict? In the Tech Bites podcast, host Jennifer Leuzzi looks for answers to these questions together with guests who are part of the ever-developing food industry.

Kitchen Therapy Podcast Logo

Kitchen Therapy with Glenn and Tobie

The two chefs Glenn Flood and Tobie Puttock host the Kitchen Therapy podcast where they regularly welcome guests who also have a background in the F&B industry. They discuss everything from day-to-day life in the kitchen to their favorite music in a lighthearted tone and engaging style.

The Main Course podcast logoThe Main Course

Started in August 2020, Market Scale’s The Main Course podcast is the go-to resource for restaurant industry professionals. Host Barbara Castiglia invites insiders on the front lines of the F&B industry to share their expertise, strategies, and forecasts for navigating the ever-changing restaurant industry.

Restaurant growth hospitality podcasts Restaurant Growth Podcast

The Restaurant Growth Podcast by 7shifts is a short-form podcast that brings together restaurant leaders from all corners of our industry. These 15- to 20-minute episodes will provide you with practical tips and new insights on how to grow your restaurant business, so check it out!

International hospitality podcasts

With hospitality being such an international industry, it’s obvious that there are hospitality podcasts in other languages too. Below are the ones which were recommended to me.

German podcasts

So Geht Hotel Heute Podcast Logo

So Geht Hotel Heute

So Geht Hotel Heute by Marco Nussbaum, the founder of prizeotel, is one of the top hospitality podcasts in the German-speaking realm. His impressive library of well over 300 episodes covers every topic related to the hospitality industry as well as insights and opinions industry veterans have on them. Tune in for true knowledge bombs!

Hotel O Motion podcast logoHotel-O-Motion on Air

Probably the top German-language hospitality podcast, Hotel-O-Motion is a must-listen. The host Valerie Wagner interviews guests with various areas of expertise (including myself 😊 – of course we spoke about copywriting). They share actionable advice and insights on online distribution, marketing, management, leadership and countless other topics.

Gastfreundschaft Leben hospitality podcast logoGastfreundschaft Leben

In her Podcast Gastfreundschaft Leben, Mandy Engelhardt covers topics like training in hospitality, leadership and the latest ways you can delight your guests. Tune in for expert interviews and deep dives on everything about hospitality apprenticeships, training and professional development.

Hotelharmonisierung hospitality podcast logoHotelharmonisierung

Listen to host Lisa Boje discuss hospitality and business trends, branding, marketing and hotel design with her guests. Let Hotelharmonisierung inspire you to take another look at some established practices and get new ideas for your own business.

Und Seven Hospitality podcast logo…und Sven!

Sven Lehnhoff, a 25-year veteran of the hospitality industry hosts the bi-weekly show …und Sven! In his podcast, he interviews hoteliers, chefs and everyone in between who shares his passion for our industry. Stop by for interesting conversations about the latest trends, innovations and opportunities.

Marketing Buffet Podcast

Marketing Buffet

Tune in to the Marketing Buffet Podcast by Sonja Theile-Ochel, to learn how to win more guests with a better social media concept and thus generate more turnover. This show is aimed at passionate people from the hotel and catering industry who also want to create a welcoming online presence for their guests.

Spanish podcasts

Torres Hospitality podcast logoHospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting

Since he’s bilingual himself, Pablo Torres hosts the Hospitality Podcast by Torres Consulting in both English and Spanish. The format is the same in both languages: Pablo interviews hospitality experts and gets their advice on everything from finance and distribution to career building.

Experto en Hoteles hospitality podcast logoExperto en Hoteles

Marcos Toscani hosts Experto en Hoteles, the top-ranked Spanish hospitality podcast. In every episode, he interviews industry leaders who work in key positions with the world’s best brands. Give it a listen for the latest insights on revenue management, sales, operations and culinary trends with a unique focus on Spanish speaking markets.

Hospidalidad Emprendedora Podcast Logo
Hospidalidad Emprendedora

In the Hospidalidad Emprendedora podcast Albert Pérez Llanos and Gian Franco Mercado interview entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry. Tune in to listen to their guests share stories of their success and challenges which offer valuable insights to those who are also looking to start their entrepreneurship journey.

Portuguese podcasts

Hotel Cast Hospitality podcast logoHotel Cast LATAM

Since they’re based in Brazil, it’s hardly surprising that Asksuite also hosts a show in Portuguese, the Hotel Cast LATAM. Check out their growing library of interviews with hospitality leaders on topics including staff training, sales, distribution and hotel tech.

Whew, that’s it! What a list, right? 

Maybe it’s still not complete though… if your favorite podcast is still missing, drop me a line or leave a comment and I’ll add it ASAP!